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Want to plot interval based threshold with extended warning and critical data with pnp4nagios?

Thanks to Urban Lagerström here is a great pnp4nagios php script to plot performance data from Bischeck. Deploy it on your Nagios server running pnp4nagios.

$opt[1] = "--title \"$hostname / $servicedesc\" ";
$def[1] = rrd::def("var1", $RRDFILE[1], $DS[1], "AVERAGE");
$def[1] .= rrd::gradient('var1','0000a0','C0C0C0','Measured ',20);
$def[1] .= rrd::gprint("var1", array("LAST", "AVERAGE", "MAX"), "%8.0lf");
$def[1] .= rrd::def("var2", $RRDFILE[1], $DS[2], "AVERAGE");
$def[1] .= rrd::line1("var2", "#000000", "Threshold ") ;
$def[1] .= rrd::gprint("var2", array("LAST", "AVERAGE", "MAX"), "%8.0lf");
$def[1] .= rrd::def("var3", $RRDFILE[1], $DS[3], "AVERAGE");
$def[1] .= rrd::def("var4", $RRDFILE[1], $DS[4], "AVERAGE");
$def[1] .= rrd::cdef("warnThresh","var2,var3,+");
$def[1] .= rrd::line1("warnThresh", "#EACC00","Warning U ");
$def[1] .= rrd::cdef("warnThreshD","var2,var3,-");
$def[1] .= rrd::line1("warnThreshD", "#FFFF00", "Warning L");
$def[1] .= rrd::gprint("var3","LAST","%8.0lf Delta\\n");
$def[1] .= rrd::cdef("critThresh","var2,var4,+");
$def[1] .= rrd::line1("critThresh", "#FEACC0","Critical U ");
$def[1] .= rrd::cdef("critThreshD","var2,var4,-");
$def[1] .= rrd::line1("critThreshD", "#FF0000", "Critical L");
$def[1] .= rrd::gprint("var4","LAST","%8.0lf Delta\\n");

This will create nice graphs like the example below.


Thanks to Urban to share this solution. To see Urbans original post on IngbyForge check here.

bischeck 0.4.1 released – upgrade now!

We have made a quick new release of bischeck due to a bug that caused truncation of all  measured and threshold values with more then 2 decimal values. This caused some obvious problems, especially if we are measuring stuff like network times. So if you are monitoring these kind of stuff please upgrade asap.

Since we had some new stuff in the trunk we chose to include it to, but they should be regarded as beta functionality. The new functionality are:

  • Sending passive checks over NRDP as an alternative to NSCA
  • New Service and serviceitem that support execution of local check commands. With this functionality any Nagios check commands that output performance data can now be executed through bischeck. The state is of course ignored since bischeck will do its own threshold calculation of the performance data. Thanks to Eric Loyd at Bitnetix (www.bitnetix.com) that gave me the idea during Nagios World 2012.

For more information about this new functionality please check out the 0.4.1 README. Feedback on 0.4.1 is more then welcomed.

To download bischeck 0.4.1 please visit our download area.

bischeck integration with Nagios remote data processor, NRDP

Until now NSCA has be the only way to integrate passive service checks with Nagios. From a functional perspective it has been working great using the jsendnsca package, http://code.google.com/p/jsendnsca. With the next version we will also support NRDP, Nagios Remote Data Processor. The are some benefits that is nice with NRDP like pure web interface and batch sending of passive checks.

If anyone would like this immediately please send us an email and we could make a 0.4.1 version.

Bischeck on Nagios World Conference 2012

Once again its time for the Nagios World conference in St Paul. This time 3 days with lots of good stuff, http://www.nagios.com/events/nagiosworldconference/northamerica/2012/. If you like to know more about dynamic and adaptive thresholds com and join my presentation on the third day, http://www.nagios.com/events/nagiosworldconference/northamerica/2012/speakers/#ahaal.

Look forward to meet you all in St Paul.