Documentation | bischeck – dynamic and adaptive monitoring



  • Bischeck
  • Bisdw
  • Bisconf – has been deprecated since it only support Bischeck 0.4.3.


Netways Open source monitoring conference in Nurnberg October 2013 – “Why dynamic and adaptive thresholds matter” this time in an European version and also stuff related to version 1.0.0 of Bischeck.

Nagios World Conference 2012, St Paul, US – “Why dynamic and adaptive thresholds matters” and the presentation video 

Open Source System Management Conference 2012, Bolzano, Italy – “Business Activity Monitoring with Nagios”

Nagios World Conference 2011, St Paul, US – “Business Activity Monitoring with Nagios”


bischeck – quick start

White papers

Bischeck performance test

An idea on how to monitor growth of database tables in an system using Bischeck

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