Bad directory location

Bischeck use the directory /var/tmp to store log files, pid file and persistent cache data. For logs this is not a bad location, but for pid file and cache data this is not a very smart location. The main reason for this are that if your bischeck process will run for a very long time, which it should, there is a risk that your pid file and cache data will be removed. This is due to the fact that distributions like Centos has a cron script that run a command tmpwatch that remove files in different “tmp” directories if files are not updated for a long time. This can be fixed by changing the cron script, /etc/cron.daily/tmpwatch on Centos or by changing the directory location by the properties in bischeck configuration file properties.xml.

The properties to change are:

  • pidfile – default is /var/tmp/
  • lastStatusCacheDumpDir – default is /var/tmp/
In future release we will change the default directory location.

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