bischeck 0.4.2 RC1 is released – test now!

We are pleased to release bischeck 0.4.2 release candidate 1.  This release include the following features and fixes:

New feature

  • Related to bug [TR-227 ] the naming of host, service and serviceitem names has been improved. For more info please see 8.1↑
  • Execution statements and thresholds hour specification where cache data is retrieved as a list, like in a function as avg(x-y-z[4:10]) and avg(4,6,8), can now be configured to not return a null value if at least the first index in the list definition has a cached value. This means for the example that if, at least, index 4 as a value for the x-y-z an average will be calculated. To support backwards capability the new functionality will only be used if the property notFullListParse is set to true in the properties.xml. The default value is false.
  • There has been some discussion about what Nagios state should be sent if the a the returned execute statement of a service item is null. In previous releases this has been hard coded to OK, but now its possible to define it by setting the property stateOnNull. The property can be set to an integer 0,1,2 or 3 or to a string OK, WARNING, CRITICAL or UNKNOWN. The default is UNKNOWN.
  • When a service class get an exception when doing a connection the previous versions did not save any data to the cache. If the property saveNullOnConnectionError you will now get a null value inserted into the cache when a connection exception is thrown. For backwards compatibility the default value of the property is false.

Bugs fixed and important issues

  • [TR-227] “Cache parser do not work for host, service or serviceitems if the name include 0 (zero)” has been resolved.
  • [TR-228] “Threshold factory return wrong threshold definition if service and serviceitem name is the same for different hosts” has been resolved.
  • [TR-229] “When using service ShellService the number of open files limit will be reached” has been resolved.
  • [TR-230] “NRDP submissions all come in as OK” has been resolved.
  • Fixed migration script from 0.4.0 to copy etc directory content correctly. Changes in the file urlservices.xml will be overwritten. Existing 0.4.0 configuration will still be available in the previous version backup directory, bischeck_0.4.0. 
This RC1 version do not support upgrade from previous version, but just copy your configurations files and give it a spin.
Read more about 0.4.2 

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